How do you empty your PM-box on the forum?

Problem Your PM-box is full and nobody can send you anymore messages. How to solve this? Solution go to your messages and "check" the box and click delete for those you want to delete. Note: READ them first before you delete them!

How do you find a Joomla! extension?

The official Joomla! extensions site: is the main source for extensions. If you cannot find what you need there, you should also search the Joomla! Extensions Directory Forum. If you still cannot find the right component then you should post a request or question in the Extensions Directory forum.

How do you get rid of the News Flash or other modules?

Any Joomla! Module can be disabled from the Module Manager. To do so, Log in to the Joomla! back end and navigate to the Module Manager. Locate the desired Module (for example, News Flash). Click on the icon next for this module name in the "Enabled" column. This will toggle the Module between "enabled" and "disabled".

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